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Here's the thing: you can't afford to work on strategy, digital and people separately. And that's where we come in. Full stack consultants who roll up their sleaves. With heaps of experience in the financial services industry, from global hedge funds to niche neo-super funds, we've done it all.


x-ray vision

The beginnings of a fresh wave of disruption are visible today. New digital businesses emerging technologies such as deep-learning artificial intelligence, Open Banking, and connected devices supported spring up ever day. Can you afford to be on the sidelines?


ludicrous mode

The era of the standalone digital project is over. Today, digital powers virtually every move a company makes. Analytics informs every high-stakes decision. And emerging technologies confer a huge advantage to the companies quick enough to spot them first. Sparkstream brings all this together, infusing every project we work on with an integrated set of digital capabilities tailored to your strategy.



The term innovation is sooo overused and has attracted the whole industry with it's own jargon. We do not do that. We build forward-thinking products and companies to solve tomorrow's challenges. We are hyper-collaborative. That means when we work, we're an open book. We'll help you imagine, build, launch and scale your product - in weeks not months!


love at first sight

The great resignation may be over, but the most valuable hires - the ones you want - remain as elusive as ever. We work with you to design optimal organization structures, roles, and responsibilities. We help you find and hire the right people. And advise you on how to reward and motivate your workforce as your employees navigate and advance their careers.
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